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How to Process Questionnaire Data
with Statistics for Data Analysis

How to prepare the data from a questionnaire to set up the next steps of analysis?

Data preparation is often the longest phase of an analysis, sometimes to the extent that it often lasts 70-80% of an entire analysis run.


During this webinar we will show some of the main statistical techniques for transforming data from a questionnaire so that it can be used for the actual analysis phase.


We will see the simplicity and speed of use of Statistics for Data Analysis, an intuitive solution suitable for everyone, designed both for those who are just now approaching the world of statistics, and for experienced users.


The statistical techniques presented will be accompanied by a practical example with the Statistics for Data Analysis solution: friendly and at the same time suitable for advanced statistical analysis.

The videos are the property of SPS S.r.l., they cannot be disclosed and the viewing is permitted only to the authorized registered user.

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